Press Conference/Release Notice: Casting Election Ballots to Address Victimhood

Kick-starting the campaign to put TJ on the election agenda

On Tuesday, November 16, JRP held a press conference at our Gulu office to officially launch our new advocacy campaign to put transitional justice on the election agenda.

This campaign, “Casting the Ballot to Address Victimhood: A Call to Put Transitional Justice on the Election Agenda,” will stress six action points and implore a strategic plan to disseminate information and mobilise communities through diverse mechanisms, including direct community engagement, newspapers, handouts, radio, and music. By mobilizing war-affected communities to demand their grievances be addressed and acknowledged, we are providing communities and the country at large a space for reflection, debate, and analysis of the issues.

Thanks to all who joined us from 10-11am as we shared details of the campaign and read a statement on TJ issues facing communities in transition.

To download the press release, click here. To access campaign materials, click here.