Abia community theater photos posted

Abia community theater practice

Students in Abia practicing for their upcoming community theatre performance.

We have just posted new photos from last week’s community theater follow-up in Abia village in Lango sub-region. In addition to Abia, JRP also has ongoing theater initiatives in Mukura, Lukodi and Yumbe.

On Thursday, September 15, 2011, we visited Abia Primary School to follow-up with students participating in our community theater project. The students have developed a drama that highlights the situation in Abia and how the conflict has exacerbated the rampancy of HIV/AIDS.

The community-wide performance of this drama will tentatively take place on September 28th in Abia trading center.

To check out the photos, click here.

We will post photos from last week’s community performance in Mukura soon.