Transcending beyond the past: 15 years since the Aboke abductions

Former Aboke girls during the 15th prayers

Former Aboke girls read a statement during the 15th anniversary prayers

Yesterday, October 10th, JRP attended the Aboke commemoration prayers organized by St. Mary’s College Aboke and Concerned Parents Association. The prayers celebrated the triumph of love over evil 15 years after 139 secondary school girls were abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Today, all but 1 girl has been accounted for. The prayers were held at St. Mary’s and were attended by survivors of the abduction, their parents, members of civil society and the community. The theme for this year’s ceremony was “transcending beyond the past” and focused on reconciliation as an obligation towards transcending beyond the past.

We were impressed by the quality of the event in focusing on the resilience and strength of all affected, and not deviating into politics. We view this annual prayer as a model for other communities looking to commemorate events that took place during the conflict.

For photos from the prayers, click here.