Situational analysis on moving forward in the Kwoyelo case

Kwoyelo with Wardens

Kwoyelo arrives at the Gulu court building on Nov. 11, 2011

Today JRP released a situational analysis titled, “Moving Forward: Thomas Kwoyelo and the Quest for Justice.” While his release is expected soon, questions remain hanging on what should happen to him.  Our analysis revealed that the situation on the ground, and more specifically in his home area of Pabo, is highly volatile and unpredictable, and opinions regarding his reintegration into the community are widely varied. Furthermore, many of Pabo’s residents – including his family members – feel unprepared, uninformed and confused about how to proceed. This situational analysis presents these perceptions concerning the Constitutional Court ruling and makes recommendations for Kwoyelo’s rehabilitation and reintegration in the event that he is released.

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