Upcoming Field Notes and Reports

Look out for JRP’s upcoming Community Documentation reports on the following topics;

“When a Gunman Speaks, You Listen”. This is a documentation of victims’ conflict experiences in Palabek Sub-County in the late 1980s and early 1990. In this report victims recount their suffering at the hands of NRA soldiers and the LRA rebels. Victims are particularly haunted by the name of a one “Captain Abiriga” who led the NRA’s 32nd Battalion which was based in Palabek, and subsequently committed numerous violations against the civilian populace. This field note is due by the end of August 2012.

The Northern Uganda Transitional Justice Monitor; This is a survey of the transitional justice situation in northern Uganda, and how war affected communities are pursuing recovery and reconciliation. The survey monitors various aspects of recovery such as resettlement of formerly abducted persons, reconciliation, access to justice, livelihoods, security, and memorialization. The report is due by the end of August 2012.

Victim or Villain? This special report focuses on individuals who bear dual victim-perpetrator identities, and the complexities involved in handling them. It uses the case study of Thomas Kwoyelo, a senior commander of the LRA who trial commenced before the International Crimes Division (ICD) in 2011. It discusses controversial questions of Amnesty, Reparations, and Impartiality. The report has no specific release date as a result of the pending trial of Thomas Kwoyelo but is likely to be released by the end of the year.