Introducing #CommunityVoices


“Experiencing Conflict in Northern Uganda”       

Years after the guns fell silent in northern Uganda; communities affected by conflict find themselves in a unique stage of transition with very different needs, interests and questions. One thing for sure is that each individual, family or community experienced the conflict in a unique, individual way; no two stories are the same.

#CommunityVoices collects; preserves and makes accessible personal and collective accounts on experiences and highlights transitional challenges of communities affected by decades of conflict in northern Uganda. It’s our hope that this blog will serve as a medium for communities to share their experiences and for the public to appreciate the transition challenges that they go through.

It will highlight a series of stories of missing persons, abduction, torture, child soldiers, children born in captivity, massacre experiences, etc. while the bulk will focus on the LRA conflict, experiences from other conflicts in the region such as UNRF II, WBF, HSM, Cilil among others will also be featured in upcoming weeks.