A milestone achieved

Today is a very important day for the war affected women in northern Uganda. After presenting a petition to members of parliament seeking their intervention to address challenges they continue to face in post conflict northern Uganda, a motion was moved in parliament on 3rd of April 2014 by Hon Ronald Regan Okumu for a resolution on the plight of persons affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army. The motion received overwhelming support but was not adopted due to a few technicalities to which the speaker appointed a select committee to address and return the motion to the floor of parliament today for adoption.

On Wednesday I had the privilege of watching the sessions from the gallery. I was very happy at how the discussions were unfolding, at one point I felt the urge to stand and address all the legislators present to just let them know what they were discussing is real and are my everyday reality. I had longed for such a day and I thank God I was there to witness it.

We began this journey a year ago. There were numerous challenges along the way but we soldiered on. I am grateful for the support JRP continues to give to us. I was happy to hear the JRP’s Programm Coordinator say that we can always be assured that JRP will be there to offer assistance. This is a good thing since there will be a lot to do after the motion is adopted. I would also like to thank the Gulu District Local Government for working with us and helping us to actualize this dream.

As a way forward we plan to work with our supporters to push for the issues we have raised until they are addressed. I also dream of organizing the members of WAN to meet the president of Uganda as the women did in Liberia. He needs to know what we are going through and the urgency of our needs.

 On 9 April 2014, the members of Uganda’s Parliament will vote to adopt a resolution incorporating contents of a petition presented to the Uganda Women Parliamentarian’s Association (UWOPA) by the Women’s Advocacy Network on 12 March 2014. Read the petition here.