Achol Pii Mass Grave, May 2010

JRP traveled extensively across Pader and Kitgum districts during May. Our team visited communities in Corner Kilak, Tyer-Achol pii and Omot in Pader, and Palabek Kal, Palabek Ogili and Ayuu Alali in Kitgum. The photos from this set were taken at the Acholi Pii mass grave.

The primary objectives of these visits were 1.) to meet with members of the communities and discuss significant events that took place there during the conflict and 2.) to discuss whether or not the communities want such events to be documented.

JRP learned that there is an eminent need for documentation in the communities we visited. Many significant events took place there during the conflict but little or nothing has been officially documented. In whole, the communities value documentation as a tool that will preserve the memory of what happened and to prevent the repetition of such atrocities in the future.