Teso TJ Policy Consultation, February 2011

From February 9-10, JRP, in collaboration with South Africa-based Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR), carried out the third in a series of consultations with victims to gain their perceptions on different transitional justice mechanisms.  The consultations were part of a series titled, “Enhancing Grassroots Participation in Transitional Justice Debates,” aimed at intensifying local advocacy in northern Uganda around issues of truth-seeking, reparations, traditional justice, and gender justice ahead of the 2011 presidential and parliamentary elections. Earlier consultations were held late last year in West Nile and Acholi/Lango.  Like in the first two consultations, participants were eager to share their views on the relevance of different mechanisms and to state the importance of processes to foster healing and reconciliation. As it is across the greater North, victims in Teso prioritized compensation from the Government of Uganda for crimes committed by state and non-state actors.

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