The Day They Came: Recounting the LRA’s Invasion of Teso Sub-region through Obalanga Sub-county in 2003, FN XIV

Obalanga Cover

A survivor of the helicopter bombings in Angica B displays a bomb shell from the helicopter gunship, and survivors display injuries they received at the hands of the LRA.

In June 2003, the LRA infiltrated Teso sub-region in eastern Uganda for the first time. The civilian population and the government army were caught unaware, a factor which had disastrous humanitarian implications. In line with their trademark pattern of atrocities, the rebel soldiers carried out killings, abductions, maiming, looting, rape burning and pillaging. By the time the UPDF repulsed them almost 8 months later, approximately 90% of the population in Teso sub-region had been displaced into internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, several thousand children had been abducted and thousands of people had lost their lives and property. This report explores the impacts of the LRA incursion into Teso sub-region using case studies and victims’ testimonies from Obalanga sub-county in Amuria district, in addition to making recommendations to relevant stakeholders.


Please note that the following change have been made to Field Note XIV

The heading:

“Appendix D: Identity Cards of Some of the Victims Who Perished in theHelicopter Gunship Bombings in Angica B and Morungatuny”

has been ammended to read

“Appendix D: Identity Cards of Some of the Victims and Survivors of the Helicopter Gunship Bombings in Angica B and Morungatuny”.

Read the Field Note here: The Day they Came – Obalanga – Erratum Sept 2012