When A Gunman Speaks, You Listen – FN XV

When A Gunman Speaks, You Listen - FN XV August 2012

Located in Lamwo District, Palabek is one of the sub-counties in Northern Uganda whose residents have experienced multiple incidences of violence and repeated abuses of human rights. By virtue of its location at the Uganda-South Sudan border, Palabek witnessed both consistent military presence as well as frequent crossing and movement by the LRA while the surrounding area systematically turned into a battlefield.

This report focuses on Palabek’s history and records from 1986 to the present based on victims’ testimonies and information provided by interviewees. It offers an in-depth description of the incidents of violence committed by the LRA and NRA, focusing on key concerns frequently raised by respondents. The report concentrates on instances of torture and killing by the warring parties, including the impact and consequences on the civilian population. It also reveals how Palabek’s communities suffered mass displacement due to this violence.

When A Gunman Speaks – FN XV, August 2012