Official Remarks: Launch Ceremony and Reception

To celebrate JRP becoming an independent NGO and to officially launch the new organisation, we hosted a ceremony and reception on July 23 at our offices in Gulu’s Senior Quarters. The event — which was attended by the Ambassador of Norway, H.E. Bjørg S. Leite, Hon. Norbert Mao, members of the community, civil society and government representatives, cultural leaders, and many more– was lively and eventful. Bwola dancers from Ker Kwaro Acholi kicked off the event by performing Acholi traditional dances.

This document contains remarks by the following persons:

  • Remarks by Programme Coordinator, Mr. Ojok Boniface
  • Remarks by Board of Directors, Mr. Michael Otim, Chairman, JRP
  • Remarks by Guest of Honor, H.E. Bjørg S. Leite, Ambassador of Norway
  • Remarks by Liu Institute for Global Issues, Dr. Erin Baines
  • Remarks Ms. Delis Palacios from the organization Adom in Choco, Colombia
  • Remarks by Mr. Leyner Palacios from the organization Cocomacia in Choco, Colombia
  • Remarks by Resident Judge, High Court of Gulu, Hon. Justice Remmy Kasule
  • Remarks by Guest of Honor, Norbert Mao, LC V Chairman, Gulu District

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